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Renovate your Home from top to bottom with Rashid COnstruction

With Rashid Construction’s Whole Home Exterior package, your home's exterior will be completely renovated from top to bottom. You can enjoy the benefits of new windows, siding, exterior stone, roofing, attic insulation and ventilation. Since each and every one of these systems is tied together, when you update them all at once, rather than one or two at a time, we can offer you a discount.

Our Package Includes:


The shingles on your roof will only last as long as your ventilation and insulation will allow them. The roofing system is not as simple as many would think. If your attic is too warm in the winter, it will cause snow to melt at a rapid pace. This snow will flow down your roof as water. When it hits the overhang that does not have direct heat from your home, it can turn to ice and cause an ice dam. This can lift and damage your shingles, roof deck, insulation and drywall. In some cases, much more significant damage can occur to the interior of the home. Mold can form in the attic and on the roof trusses. The decking can also start to rot. All of these issues can add thousands of extra dollars to your average repair costs.


When Rashid installs your new windows, you know they are installed properly. Every window is insulated and taped with your house wrap behind it. Window tape is very important in protecting your rough framing and your window frames. It requires the siding around the windows to be removed and then reinstalled or replaced completely.


There are many types of siding, vinyl, wood, fiber cement and cultured stone. One of the most important steps of your siding install is the flashing and underlayment. One common and costly mistake is the kick-out flashings. This flashing is located where the roof edge and siding meet. Flashing needs to come out over the top of the siding at that point to prevent water from getting behind the siding and rotting the wall away. Rashid's team of experts can quickly identify and correct issues from previous builders and ensure the proper installment on your new siding.


Make your home more energy efficient. When Rashid Construction handles your exterior remodel, we will insulate your home with the best possible option to fit your budget, roofing and siding needs. Did you know that most homes only have an R-13 insulation value on the exterior walls and R-21 in the attic? New code requires R-21 in exterior walls and an R-38 in the attic. Rashid Construction we can help you upgrade the existing insulation and save you money now and down the road.

When you choose Rashid Construction to complete your entire exterior remodel you will be given the best options possible and the work will be performed to the highest standards. Rashid Construction will offer you a 20 year labor and craftsmanship warranty on an entire exterior remodel. That is unmatched confidence in our quality and workmanship.

Rashid Construction is a top tier certified contractor and can offer manufacturer warranties on all installations. 

100%  Satisfaction  Guaranteed








 We offer a great deal when you bundle your home renovations with us.


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