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5 Signs You Need A New Roof

Sometimes, it 's hard to establish whether your roof needs repairs or replacement, but it is important to appreciate the fact that it will get damaged over time, from weather and age. It is the same case for all roofs despite the quality or material, and while it may be hard to check your roof constantly, there are a few signs to help you understand whether you should repair or replace your roof.

1. Cracked Shingles The Wind damages the shingles on your roof; however, you will not need to have a new one if only a few are damaged. You can easily replace them to patch the roof, but if the cracks are in various sections of the roof, the damage will continue, which will necessitate a replacement soon.

2. Bald Spots and Granules In The Gutter Usually, aging shingles will have dark spots with granules falling from them into the gutters, where they collect after heavy rains. If this persists and the bald spots continue increasing in size, you need to get them inspected promptly, for the right action to be taken.

3. Sagging Roof Other than causing damage on your roof, sagging is a sign of structural damage on either the decking in the attic or the supports in the foundation. The presence of valleys and dips on your roof where snow and rainwater settle are the primary causes of sagging roofs. To avoid further damage, you need to call in a professional to advise you accordingly.

4. Curling and Buckling Shingles Curling of roof shingles will cause them to either cup or claw, and this is a sure sign that you need to replace them immediately. When inspecting on a warm day, you can bend the shingle, and if it breaks or cracks easily, the indication is that it is past its prime, and requires replacement.

5. Daylight Penetrating Through The Roof If you find daylight penetrating through the roof as you observe from the attic, it means that rainwater and snow will find their way in, and it also implies that your insulation is poor. As a result, your heating bill will soar, and active leaks may be noticed after the rains. Fixing your roof promptly, in this case, is advisable.

If any of these is left unattended, it could cause further damage and deny you peace of mind. The solution is taking action before the damage on your roof worsens. 

If you are looking for a skilled contractor to perform any roofing services your roof may need, contact Rashid Construction today!

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