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Benefits Of Skylights and Fans

Skylights and solar fans are versatile in functionality and efficiency, though they must be strategically placed according to purpose. Here are just a few benefits of installing a skylight:

- They can increase the amount of exposure to natural light without increasing heat or energy costs.

- They can actually lower costs by providing longer periods of sufficient lighting in order to function around the house.

- Skylights are also good for providing additional ventilation and can improve the flow of air in a space or throughout the house.

- Since heat rises and gets trapped by the ceiling, skylights can be used to release the trapped hot air before cooling off the space.

- Depending on the size and location, skylines can be used as emergency exits for humans, not to mention an extra entrance or exit for cats.

- Solar fans can only enhance the benefits of ventilation that skylights provide. They lower cooling and heating costs, increase the life expectancy of your roof, and do not rely on an additional costly power source in order to function. 

Skylights also add beauty and wonder to a room. You can lie down and look up and watch the sky and everything in it pass by the window, day or night. Sunlight is not the only beneficial natural light that skylights allow in the space. Moonlight has its own appeal and can often provide a significant amount of light sufficient to see throughout the room. 

Another appealing aspect of skylights and solar fans is that you can increase natural light and ventilation without compromising privacy. Neither your neighbors or strangers on the street can see into your rooms through your skylights or solar fans on the roof.

If you're interested in adding a skylight to your roof, contact a skilled contractor at Rashid Construction today!

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