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How Do Seamless Gutters Work?

Whether you're doing a full renovation or are just finally ready to get rid of that old, original gutter system around your home, seamless gutters are the latest craze. Unlike older versions of gutters, these seamless are named appropriately as they do not have a seam in them which stops leaks from happening.

Seems to simple to be true, right? Here's how seamless gutters work:

- Instead of featuring the seam running right down the middle of the gutter, seamless gutters' seam happens to be in the inside and outside corners to stop any potential breaks or leaks for years. While this seems to go against the "seamless" name, having the seams in the corner can limit larger breaks throughout the gutter system. This will help keep the integrity of the system and should mean a longer lifetime without issues.

- Like traditional gutter systems, seamless gutters can be made out of several different metals, including aluminum, galvanized steel or even copper. This means the gutters will be just as strong as traditional systems and will be able to withstand natural wear and tear for years with the seamless innovation.

- While they can come in multiple options, the sections (size depends on home size) can be welded together or put together with a silicon gasket at the connecting points which are normally at the corners and downspouts.

- Seamless gutter systems are also much easier to maintain than traditional gutters. They come in long sectional pieces instead of being one piece altogether. This means if damage happens, the section will only need to be fixed instead of the entire system. 

If you're looking to upgrade the gutter system at your home and seamless is the way you're thinking about going, contact Rashid Construction today. A skilled contractor will be happy to tell you all about our available options and pricing plans.


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