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Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2016

Staying on top of the latest trends is crucial for designers and the designer types. That is why research matters, especially in the world of home remodeling, and we're here to help with the most important room in the house, the kitchen. 

Here are the latest kitchen remodeling  trends of 2016: 

Soft Colors 

Lightening up the home is a hot trend lately and the kitchen is no different. Using softer, lighter colors on cabinetry, backsplashes and accessories is not only a popular trend in 2016 but is expected to be around for many years to come. 

Room for Technology 

Technology is running the world these days so it only makes sense it'll become a more and more of a need and highlight in the kitchen. Whether it's hidden spaces for charging stations or spaces for tablets around the island, thinking about the family's technological needs are important. 

The Return of Metal Finishes

Metal started coming back over the last couple years but 2016 is expected to be the year it comes back with a vengeance. Look for one of the biggest eye-catchers in every kitchen to have the metal finish, and that's the range hood. This finish can really make the soft colors stand out. 


If your kitchen feels disconnected from your home, a bigger renovation may be needed. Having an integrated kitchen-living room is becoming more and more popular, especially for families. 

Cabinetry Lights 

If you're going to replace or refinish the cabinets in your new kitchen, you might as well show them off, right? Using high end, LED light strips will illuminate your cabinets while also giving you more visibility during the night. 

For the most important room in the home, make sure everything is up to date. Use the latest trends of 2016 when you redesign your new kitchen and contact Rashid Construction, Canton's premier home remodeling company, for more ideas and ways we can help with your remodel. 


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