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Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Everyone who has owned a house knows that a house requires maintenance from time to time. One of the facets of the house that is commonly overlooked is the windows. Many people take the windows for granted because nobody expects anything to go wrong with the windows; however, the windows are just like every other part of the house and may need to be replaced on occasion. What are some of the signs that people should look out for that might signal the windows need to be replaced?

Rising Utility Bills

If there's anything that people will notice quickly it is that windows can impact the utility bills. If the weather is staying the same outside yet the heating or air conditioning bills are starting the rise, the issue could be the windows. The windows provide a certain amount of insulation for the home. This helps to keep the temperature in the home constant. If the windows are damaged, they may not be providing the same degree of insulation. This could be reflected by rising utility bills as heat or cool air escapes through the leaking windows. Keep an eye on the utility bills.

Water Puddles Near the Windows

The windows are supposed to let in natural light, not water. If the windows are starting to become detached from the window pane, water may start to leak in through the cracks. This could lead to puddles forming near the windows or stains on the carpet in front of the windows. Watch out for water puddles.

Issues with Screens

Some people like to open the windows to let in a cool breeze during the summer. People also may place screens in front of the windows to prevent bugs or pests from coming in. If the screens are constantly falling off of the windows, it could mean that the windows are warped and need to be replaced. Watch out for falling screens.

If you're looking for a skilled contractor to replace your existing windows, contact the experts at Rashid Construction today!

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